You Should Monitor These 5 Managed IT Services Trends

Many businesses now lean heavily on managed IT solutions to keep their operations running. Consequently, they also need to pay close attention to emerging trends. If you pay for managed IT services, you'll want to monitor these 5 developments.


Several recent global trends have made cybersecurity a bigger deal. Foremost, the move to work-from-home and similar arrangements means many companies use managed IT solutions to provide data, software, and services to their employees and contractors. Secondly, international conflicts and non-state actors have created a new generation of potential threats to IT infrastructure. Even if your business has a thoroughly hardened managed IT setup, you should audit the security side of the ledger to ensure you're prepared to operate continually in this environment.

Open Source

While the open-source movement has long influenced the managed IT world, it has become more important in recent years. Companies want customizable tools for enterprise applications. With access to the source code, companies can deploy solutions with their branding. Likewise, they can produce applications tweaked to their specific needs. If you're adopting open-source technologies, you'll want to work with a managed IT services provider that can help you implement and maintain them.


Many businesses are automating tasks to free up humans to do other work. From automation of machinery to the collection of data and production of reports, companies often need to integrate these non-human resources. Your managed IT solutions need to provide support for automated systems. This includes monitoring and quality control measures to ensure everything is working smoothly.


A lot of business IT applications are moving onto cloud-based systems. Especially if a company is already moving toward off-site work, this is a natural solution because a remote connection is a remote connection regardless of where the server sits.

Companies moving systems onto the cloud need to think about how thoroughly integrated their systems will be. Most will have some degree of hybridization.  This makes integrating managed IT solutions more important because you need to know all your tools will work well together.

Strategic Thinking

Firms are rapidly moving toward corporate-level strategies when it comes to IT. Companies are adding CIO positions. Likewise, they're abandoning the view that IT is one more corporate resource. Many businesses have undergone major digital transformations, and plenty of their business models now center on digital systems like websites, mobile apps, customer service portals, and electronic transactions.

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