4 Signs Your Laptop Needs Liquid Damage Computer Repair

Do your laptop's keys feel a bit sticky? You might have a liquid spill on your machine's keyboard. Liquid damage on computers is not always very apparent and can be hard to notice. Often, the culprit might not be forthcoming because of the cost implications of the damage. You must invest in computer repair as soon as the damage happens because liquid damage can be insidious and cause gradual but expensive damage, like wearing out metallic circuits. How can you tell if your computer needs urgent repair?

Standing Liquid

The most obvious sign of a liquid spill is standing water on the keyboard or any other part. Sometimes the spill will have dried, but you can see tell-tale signs of liquid if there are glistening or shiny parts on the computer.

It is recommended that you shut down the laptop if you see standing or pooled liquid to avoid electrical damage. Wipe the liquid off and take the laptop to a computer repair shop. They will have special solvents to clean out the liquid and dry the machine.

Sticky Keys

Among the most common liquid spills in the home are coffee, juice, soda, and wine. These liquids dry out quickly and leave the keys feeling sticky. You can also see a high shine on the keys.

Often, the keys will dry out and will still work, but it is inadvisable to use the machine without computer repair. So take the laptop to a computer repair shop to clean out the machine's keyboard and its electronic circuits.

Dry Residue

In some cases, liquid spillage is not sufficient to cause electrical shortage but leaves behind enough moisture to cause corrosion. For example, beverages and other liquids containing salts or sugars will leave behind residue.

If you have basic skills in electronics, you can open the back of your laptop to check for signs of corrosion. You will see green discoloration, which is a sign of rust on electronic circuits made of copper. Then, take the laptop to a computer repair professional so they can clean off the rusted parts and restore proper conductivity.

Water-Detection Sticker Activated

Some computer brands have liquid spillage detection stickers that change color when they contact a liquid. If the sticker has changed color, it is a sure sign of liquid spillage. Next, take the laptop to a computer repair shop to ascertain whether there is a spill or not.

Are you suspicious your laptop has suffered liquid damage? Then, take your laptop to a computer repair shop for a diagnosis and repair.