6 Signs a Computer Needs Some Attention

A computer is an essential part of modern life for many folks. Knowing when to have a computer repair technician check out a system is just as important, but how do you know when to contact one?

1. Fans Are Running Constantly

Unless you have a specific reason for running your computer very hot all of the time, such as high-end gaming or data analytics, there's usually no way the cooling system on your machine should be maxed. If the fans are running all of the time, then there is probably a cooling problem in the system. The solution may be as simple as performing a few basic upgrades or changing some settings. However, heat is always bad for a system, and you should have a technician address heat issues ASAP.

2. The Machine Randomly Fails to Boot Up

Yes, there are computers that can keep limping along in this state for months or years. If you have data or files on your computer that you need to preserve, though, it's not wise to let it run like this for very long. Numerous computer repair problems trigger the failed boot state, including drives, processors, and motherboards dying.

3. The Machine Performs Frequent Disk Integrity Checks

Modern operating systems are designed to perform disk integrity checks. This means they're looking for the sorts of problems listed in the previous section, especially ones with storage components. If you see a disk integrity check more than once in a year, something probably isn't right with the machine.

4. The Machine Beeps Wildly

Especially if you hear them during startup, wild beeps are bad news. Computers emit codes in their beeps. If you've ever heard a machine make a single beep a few seconds after powering on, that's the code that says, "Everything is okay." However, several consecutive beeps suggest there is an issue as this is the computing equivalent of a car's check engine light coming on.

5. The Machine Freezes

Some applications can cause computers to freeze so it's a good idea to note if a freeze always occurs when you're doing a specific thing. If the freezes are random, though, then there's a good chance a hardware component is failing.

6. The Machine Randomly Reboots

As with other problems on this list, companies design modern computers to try to discover the issues in the previous sections and recover from them. If a system catches such a problem, it might reboot in order to correct it. As with freezes, an odd reboot here and there is bound to happen. If you're seeing them regularly, though, that could be a sign something is wrong.

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