Logging Your Life Has Never Been Easier

With the broad range of devices and gadgets on the market, it is possible to track any aspect of your daily life. From the GPS on the car to the fit-band that you wear at the gym, you are able to constantly and continuously document, detail, and decipher your every move. There is new and exciting technology when looking for data activity tracking devices, and many of these items may be hitting the market in time for the holiday season.

Some innovative and inventive devices to keep an eye out for include:

Fitness tracking.

You have seen these fitness tracking devices in the gym or in the office; these might be apps loaded into a phone or laptop, or there are cute new wrist bands that can be worn that are very popular right now. These make a particularly great holiday gift because they serve to inspire and motivate for the upcoming New Year's resolutions.  

Money tracking.

Tracking what you spend every day can be very eye-opening. There are programs and apps that will help you stick to a budget and identify problem areas when it comes to impulse spending. For those that are diligent and vigilant about using these spending trackers, it may be possible to have more money at the end of the month for savings or big-ticket purchases.

Food tracking.

The most current food tracking devices and apps have come a long way. These clever and convenient programs assess not only what you eat, but provide the nutritional breakdown and caloric intake, and estimate how long your body will need to expend these calories. You don't have to be on a diet to benefit from food tracking, but is sure is a great way to kick-start a healthy eating regimen or a diet!

Sex tracking.

Did you know that there are prototypes for devices that will track and break down your sexual activity? There are some innovations on the horizon with at least one well-known technology mogul, but there are already apps available that will track the frequency, longevity, and physical implications of your sexual activity. Some may even assess and track your libido, too.

There are many feasible ways and affordable devices to allow you to track and assess many areas of your personal life and daily habits. Being able to evaluate and decipher results could keep you on track when making fitness goals, curb spending when you are trying to budget, or even recommend how often you should be having sex. Consider these and other data activity tracking gadgetry when buying gifts this holiday season, or when you want to evaluate and improve daily routines.  

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