3 Tips To Help You Determine When You Do (And Don't) Need Your Dive Computer To Be Serviced

Whether you dive just a few times a year or no weekend is complete without a dive, being able to check the function and usability of your dive computer is essential. As a result, it is crucial for your safety to know that the unit is always in good condition and to be familiar with the features of your dive computer. .

Fortunately, you can rest assured that you will be as safe as possible by knowing:

  • How often specific aspects of the dive computer should be checked

  • What subtle imperfections in the unit you should look for

  • What features your dive computer has

Understand Your Computer (And Get It Looked At By Professionals Regularly)

Today's dive computers can vary extensively. However, even the most basic unit will have certain standard features, like the depth that you are diving and how quickly you are ascending. Because you depend on that information to keep you alive and healthy, it must always be accurate.

You should always have the computer examined in accordance with the directions provided by the manufacturer. If you no longer have that information, a good rule of thumb is that it should be examined and maintained by a professional between every one and two years. Obviously, if you have notice a problem, get it checked out before then.

Look At The Display

The display information provided by your dive computer is only useful when the display functions properly. To extend its life and usability, rinse it off as soon as you can after getting out of the water. You should also be sure to keep it from direct sunlight and avoid using strong cleaners, so the computer stays waterproof and usable.

It may be time for a checkup if the computer has been:

  • Accidentally dropped

  • Left in direct sunlight

  • Bought used

Always Be Able To See And Understand The Display Information 

In addition, when you are in your dive suit, look at the display. If you cannot easily see all of the information while wearing your diving helmet, ask your service technician to manipulate the features until you can. Regardless, do not dive again until you can see the pertinent information while wearing the helmet.

It is often surprising to learn that you can choose how the information from your dive computer is provided. For example, some units provide the necessary information in graphics, numbers or charts, so if the information on the display changes, it could be indicative of another problem and it is a good idea to have your dive computer serviced.

In conclusion, a dive computer is an essential safety tool for both novice and experienced divers. By having your dive computer properly maintained and knowing what the signs are of a damaged unit, you can protect the dive computer and allow the dive computer to protect you.