Preventing Your Laptop From Overheating

Whether you pull out your laptop to check social media or you work on it for hours, your laptop can quickly overheat if you are not careful. An overheated laptop is a common problem for most older laptops, but it can happen to newer laptops too. Typically, your laptop will overheat due to dust getting in the fan. When the air flow is restricted, the fan motor will have to work harder. A dying battery can also be the reason your laptop may be overheating. In order to preserve your laptop, you want to keep your fan clean and your battery running. Here are some tips to service your computer to keep it running smoothly.

Cleaning the Fan

As technology increases and computers are taught to handle much more information, your computer remains hard at work. Your unit is a big ball of generated heat. You have a fan inside your computer that is designed to help cool it down. If you are hearing your fan constantly running at maximum speed, then your computer is putting out too much heat for your fan to keep it up. Essentially, this can end up causing your computer to quit working. Your fan needs to work optimally to ensure the computer is able to do its job. You want to check your exhaust ports and intake grills to see if they are blocked by dust and debris. This can cause problems with your airflow. 

To clean your laptop's fan, you will want to gain access to it. You can find out how to do this through your computer's manual. Using a cotton swab and some alcohol, you will want to stroke the fan, removing any dirt and dust you see. You can also use a can of air to clean it. You want to make sure that the fan does not move in the wrong direction, as this could damage it further. You also need to clean the exhaust ports and input grills the same way using the can of air or the cotton swab with alcohol.

Extending Your Battery Life

A lot of laptop users keep their laptops plugged in even though the battery is completely charged. This can drain the battery's juice and cause it to put out much more heat than normal. This is another way your laptop will overheat quicker. If you feel that your battery is dying too quickly or it has completely died, then you will want to replace it as soon as possible. These can be found at your local computer store or online. A laptop battery can range in price depending on how old your laptop is.