Replacing Your Broken Laptop Screen

If you had an accident occur and now your laptop screen is no longer working properly, you will be able to replace the screen portion of the machine instead of having to get a whole new laptop. Many people will bring their laptop to a computer repair shop like Computer Backup Inc to have this done; however, if you are confident when working with intricate parts and small tools, you may be able to do the screen swap on your own. Here are some instructions for you to use when repairing a broken laptop screen.

Obtaining the Proper Screen

To find out which screen you are in need of, you can take your laptop apart and input the numbers on the back of your current screen into an online search engine. You will be given options of several screen replacement companies that carry laptop screens matching your particular make and model of laptop. You could also contact the manufacturer of your laptop to see if they offer replacement parts themselves.

Removing the Bezel

Your screen is held into place with a plastic piece called a bezel. This is the portion of your laptop that frames your screen, as a picture frame would frame a photo. To remove this from around your screen, you will need to use a sharp object to try to pry it forward along the seam where the bezel is attached to the laptop cover. Push a safety-pin point or unraveled paperclip into this seam. 

When you gain enough leverage to separate the pieces, use your fingers to help ease the bezel away from the cover. You will hear an unsnapping sound as it becomes loose from each bracket. Do this around the entire perimeter of the bezel until it is loose and falls forward. You will need to pry it from the hinges at the bottom portion using a screwdriver. When it loosens, remove it and set it aside.

Replacing the Screen

Place a towel over your keyboard so that if the screen falls forward, it will not cause damage to any of the keys. Unscrew each of the four screws which are holding the screen into the metal frame. There will be one in each corner. Use a magnetic screwdriver to remove and place the screws in a bowl so you do not lose them. The screen will now be loose. Set it face forward on the towel over your keyboard. At the bottom of the screen, there is a wire port plugged into a small connector. To release the wire, peel back the tape holding it in place. Gently pull the wire port from the connector until it is released.

To put in your new screen, push the wire port at the bottom portion of the screen into the connector in the laptop until you hear a slight clicking sound. This means the pins have grabbed the port and the screen is "plugged-in" so it will illuminate. Replace the four screws that hold the screen into the metal frame. Position the bezel over the screen and snap the bottom portion back into place over the hinged area on the back of your keyboard section. Push the bezel back into place and turn on your laptop!